The underground clowns of Buenos Aires

I really, really, really wanted to go to Epecuen, a ghost town some five-six hours south of Buenos Aires . The once thriving tourist town – that has been covered in water for about thirty years, before the water declined and the place remergeed as a salt covered ruin a couple of years ago – would have been the perfect location for a clown shoot. I knew about the place before I left for South America, but as my route changed and I headed north up through Chile instead of through Argentina from Bariloche, I thought I wouldn’t make it there, not on this trip at least. I tried to let go of the place, tried to push it out of my mind, telling myself I would find other good places, and I did, like Chaitén for example!


Then my brother sent me a Facebook message a couple of months later, when I was in Bolivia, with a link to a norwegian newspaper doing a little feature of the ghost town, and telling me I should go there and that it would be perfect for a clown shoot. And again I started thinking about the place. The idea became more and more feasible, and when I were in Buenos Aires at the end of my trip I managed to scrape togehter a full clown crew of awesome people willing to do the trip with me. To rent a car, to head over there, have fun, take pictures, sleep in the car and then head back. It was going to be great! But then, as all details were finally figured out and I had made certain that everyone actually would and could be going and that this trip actually probably would take place and we just needed to do the booking of the rental car, we figured out that we were to late for the cheap rental price we had made our figures of. All other rentals would cost us at least twice as much and my crew couldn’t wait one day and do it later, so we decided not to go. Now if only we had booked the day before…

Now the good think of all this is that because we didn’t go to Epecuen – and because I was completely crushed but still wanted to do one last shoot in South America before going back home to Norway – I ended up having the most awesome clown shoot ever, with the funnyiest and most spontaneous clowns I have ever worked with, in the Buenos Aires metro. Subways and clowns, two of my favorite things to photograph, and some great people, what could be better?