The motorcycle clowns of Tad Lo

We hijack one of the elephants just as it is about to leave it’s fencing area and get washed in the river nearby, stealthily all my wonderful biker clowns sneaks up and pose in front of it, and it’s a perfect finish of our clown shoot in Tad Lo that I for a while thought would never happen.

I first mentioned my clown shooting project during our motorbike trip from Pakse to Tad Lo in southern Laos (our little gang consisting of Renate (that I met up with again in Savannakhet) and Ingrid from Norway,  Corinna from Austria, Kaleb from the states and Matt and Dugie from England). But we arrived there after dark, and the next day the others (Matt, Ingrid and I had decided to stay one more day) wanted to get going as early as possible and get poor Corinna, laying in bed with a fever, to a doctor. We said our goodbyes at a nice little waterfall, and we decided to have a small photoshoot with just Matt and Ingrid instead.

After a massive rain storm Dugie suddenly came walking down the wet street. Apparently it started raining before they got going, so they decided to stay another night as well, so I gathered all the forces and convinced them to join my project. Corinna was still laying sick in bed, but the guys had met another girl at their new hotel, Alexia from Canada, who gladly joined in.

So we had the clown shoot with tons of kids watching us warily, some finding them scary, other funny, a dog decided to join in one of the pictures and I gladly let it, and then, in the end, the wonderful elephant, concluding my third and last clown shoot in Laos (the others being The clown of Kuang Si waterfall and The clown of jars) for my clown project. And then there was the Buffalo slaughter party.




  • Hegelin

    I absolutely love your clown images, Åsta! They are warm, funny and scary at the same time. Hope you have more shoots to show us before coming home … 😀

  • Dave

    AMAZING piictures on all your blogs!! I actually saw these clown pics from a (mutual?) friend Danga Dave in thailand b4 randomly, but only saw the blog because of roctopus. Awesome writing/pics, wish I spent more time on mine =)