The early morning Jungle Flight

We’d somehow taken to the travel agency’s advice of doing the Chiang Mai jungle flight early in the morning, to avoid the terrible midday heat, and at precisely 6.30 the driver is waiting outside our guesthouse door to pick us up. Almost one bumpy hour later we arrive in a small village where our little zip-lining adventure will begin. No one else seems to think the morning tour is a good idea though (we’re the only ones there – just like when I did caving and tubing in Waitomo, New Zealand), not even the staff we soon discover, as one of our two guides keep asking us why we’re so early.

After our initial disappointment of  not meeting any new people, we suddenly realize that it’s actually quite nice (though I wouldn’t have minded one or two more persons), since we’re only two, there’s barely no waiting on the platforms to do the zip-lines or abseiling, and we have loads of space. The setting is really serene, and we fly from platform to platform through a beautiful forest in a almost slightly chilly morning temperature, with wonderful views. By the time we reach the canopy walk though, it’s starting to get hot and we’re really, really happy we didn’t have to do it at even higher temperatures.

At one point one of our guides disappear, leaving all the work to the other guide. He suddenly materialize some ten-fifteen minutes later – as he was having a bad hangover from a massive party the night before, he just had to puke a little. That’s some information that would have been good to know before we put our lives into their hands.

After we had finished our trip through 34 platforms we got a wonderful Thai meal at a small restaurant near the Jungle Flight headquarters, it turned out to be a lot more than we could eat, as it was still pretty much breakfast time, but great nevertheless.


  • Audun

    Dette må vere ei heilt fantastisk oppleving.