The clown of Kuang Si waterfall

As we walk down through the different stalls of the night market in Luang Prabang we meet two nice middle aged guys travelling together (names long forgotten) yet again. We first met them on the slow boat (or was it the shuttle from the guest house in Chiang Khong to the border?), and keep bumping into them in the colonial streets of Luang Prabang.
“Have you been to the waterfalls yet?” one of them asks. We haven’t but we sure plan to go there, everyone keeps telling us how beautiful they are. The American guy brings out his camera and shows us some pictures, they are mesmerizing. The turquoise blue  color of the water seems unreal. I haven’t taken any clown pictures since the beginning of my trip, in Auckland, New Zealand, and Renate and I had just been talking about having a shoot with her as a clown – as we see the pictures on the camera we both know that this is the place.

The next morning we head to the waterfall in a tuk-tuk shared with a couple of Germans and Spaniards. On our way we pass someone puffing their way up the slopes on terrible bikes, inhaling smoke filled air on every breath. One of them is the American guy that sat next to us on the slow-boat. They’ll arrive when we leave the waterfall a couple of hours later.

The tuk-tuk driver will wait for us for about two and a half hours. We first walk around the area, take a look at the place before we start. I paint her face, and we’re on. People either smile at us, or just stare weirdly when we pass by, quite a few take pictures, some ask. I kind of forgot to bring the make-up remover to the waterfall, and Renate has to wear hear mask all the way back. She forgets she has it on, but generates tons of smiles by people we pass by. A little boy waves at us as, then he sees Renate and starts laughing and points at us to the other boys standing near by. A man on a scooter driving behind us lifts up the umbrella protecting his little daughter to let her see the crazy-painted falang.   One of the spaniards want a picture with her. Everyone’s happy, and the clown project is back on track.