Textures of the Perito Moreno glacier

The first thing that hits you when you catch a glimpse of the Perito Moreno glacier is its size. Even though you can’t fathom how big it really is, as you have nothing to properly compare it with, you see that it’s huge, it’s gigantic. It’s stretching on endlessly into the horizon where it meets some peaked mountains. Then it is the sounds. The loud rumbling and cracking sound every time some pieces of ice breaks off and scrambles into the lake. The feeling of anticipation as you try to locate the place of the calving, maybe you’ll get to see a big one this time, and then the slight disappointment when you see some small pieces slide down the ice and then into the water; from the sounds you would have imagined it to be a lot bigger.

Then you start noticing the details. The textures. The play of colors, shades, cracks. The white and blue. The contrasts, and you realize that this glazier is great on every level. From the tiniest details, to the grandest scales.


asta_skjervoy-perito-moreno-glacier-02    asta_skjervoy-perito-moreno-glacier-03    asta_skjervoy-perito-moreno-glacier-01