Chingaza National Park in the fog

Chingaza national park cundinamarca Colombia

A few hours outside Bogotá is the Páramo, or moorlands of Chingaza. A wet national park high in the mountains (the highest peaks reach just over 4000 meters) and home to some 40 lakes. The fresh drinkable tap-water the rolos (people from Bogotá) are so proud of comes from here. We went to the part […]


The lost city of Colombia

The river is floating lazily by, crystal clear water over small rounded rocks, huge boulders sprouting out along the riverbed, trees leaning in, wanting to soak up the water with their green vines. The sound of the river is a constant around me, calling me to jump in, and I do, with all my clothes, […]


Huyana Potosí – The time I tried, and failed, to hike up to 6000 meters

I lift my leg, move it forward and thrust it into the icy ground, letting the spiky crampon get a good grip on the hard snow. Then the other, lift, move forward, thrust. Repeat. Over and over again. I’m gripping the top of my ice ax tightly with my left hand, almost using it as […]


The top of Arcoiris – or the time I fell in love with Chile

It was all coincidences that had lead me to Cochamó, that had made me venture through the ancient moss clad forest on a century old horse trail all by myself, and that had taken me here, to the top of Arcoiris, where I now could see the Osorno volcano – yet again – in the […]


Climbing Villarica – one of Chile’s most active volcanoes

Climbing the Villarica Volcano, Chile

The sun is rising just as the minibus halts at the ski center, painting the sky in various tones of pink and orange. We’re about 1800 meters above sea level and already the views are quite breathtaking, but we have about a thousand meters to ascend by foot to reach the crater and the summit. […]


The road to Cochamó valley

The road to Cochamo Valley, Chile

Some places the road is almost like a corridor. Steep walls – partly covered in bright green moss – rise on both sides of the narrow path. It has been used to transport cattle and smuggle goods between Argentina and Chile – hoofs digging the path deeper and deeper into the soft ground – for […]


Reaching the top of Cerro Lopez: The time I learned to always follow the red arrows

Cerro Lopez, Bariloche

When I caught a glimpse of the red and white arrow painted on to the rocks in front of me I felt a wave of relief, finally back on track. At first I thought it pointed towards the top, Cerro Lopez here we come, but then I noticed the white text below it: “R. Lopez” […]


El Chaltén and Mount Fitz Roy

We had been waiting for almost an hour when the golden morning rays first hit the mountains, making them literally glow. The Fitz Roy ranged looked almost surreal, rising above the little town of El Chaltén in its red and pinkish coats. It was beautiful and well worth the getting up early, walking for about […]


Walking the W in Torres del Paine pt.1 – The tail

The yellow grass rustles in the wind. It moves around with waving motions – first one direction, then the other. It lets itself being swept around without putting up any resistance. The strong sun is shining down on us from a blue, cloud-dotted, sky. The mighty mountains of the Cordillera del Paine shoot up in […]


Reaching the top of Cerro Guanaco – Tierra del Fuego National Park

I had been walking steeply uphill in the forest for what felt like forever when I reached the valley and the tree line. I was in a slightly worse shape than I had feared; the climbing sure had taken its toll on my body, so the flat areas unfolding in front of me where like […]