Snaps from a plane ride: Buenos Aires – Ushuaia

It’s less than 24 hours since I arrived in Argentina when I board the plane that will take me all the way down from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. El fin del Mundo, the end of the world, the southernmost city on the planet (depending on what you define as a city, Chile has a tiny […]


The journey to Koh Tao

I feel like we’re a gang of livestock getting ready to be sent off to slaughter there we huddle together on the little traffic island – nested between two three-lane roads – just at the end of Soi Ram Buttri, the parallel street to Khao San Road, in Bangkok. There have to be at least […]


Snaps from a bus ride

Snaps from various bus rides in Laos and Cambodia.


The slow boat to Luang Prabang

We arrive at the border in Chiang Khong in the middle of the Pai-arrivals morning rush. Our plan of going to the border from Pai independently – to cross the border in the afternoon and avoid the worst rush – failed completely as we arrived way past border closing time, resulting in one extra night […]


Don’t forget to bring some gasoline

It’s our second day on a motorbike around Pai – a few hours north of Chiang Mai – Renate in front and me taking in the scenery on the back, trying not to think too much about the fact that I have absolutely no control over the bike and that makes it feel like we’re […]


Thanks for the ride mister bus driver

I’ve just gotten off the Airport Express bus, going from Auckland airport to the city center, when I realize that I probably got off a little bit too early. The Sky Tower looms faintly over the city in the distant, far, far away – a little bit too far. Less than an hour on New […]