Temples, pagodas, as far as the eyes can see. Thousands of them. Everywhere. In all directions, in all sizes. From the tiniest, tiny ones, the size of little one-room houses, to huge, towering ones. White stones, grey stones brown stones.Some you can enter, on some you can walk up to the roof through narrow, dark, […]


Snaps from the Shwedagon Pagoda

The little monks sit completely still. People walk past, move, but the little monks are like little red-clad statues, immovable. I take some pictures of them, long shutter, it’s starting to get dark. Other people looks like ghosts, blurry streaks of color, see-through, but the monks are sharp, and they look exactly the same in […]


Biking around Angkor

I’m in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on a rented rickety bike without any gears – but with an awesome front basket – on my way to see the incredible temples of the Angkor area, doing the big loop. Of course I took a wrong turn somewhere – having to try to find a one-way road leading […]


Temples of Chiang Mai

Snaps from various temples in Chiang Mai