“It never rains in Puerto Madryn”

“It never rains in Puerto Madryn”, that’s what they told me. The winds may be blaring, but the sky will rarely open up to deliver its drops of water. “In Buenos Aires they can get as much rain in one day as we get in a whole year”, they said. And then the sky opened, […]


Diving with the puppies of the sea

“Are you guys going diving as well?” I asked the couple in the Scuba Duba diving shop in Puerto Madryn as we were given our wetsuits. I had seen them filling out the same form as me when they got in and figured they wouldn’t need to do that if they were just going snorkeling. […]


Snaps from a beach – Chilling out in Puerto Madryn

I had two goals, and two goals only for Puerto Madryn. First; get rid of my cold, second; go diving (I didn’t want a repeat of the blocked ears I got last year when I scuba-dived with a slight cold in Thailand). Puerto Madryn turned out to be the perfect spot for just that – […]