Easy rider – heading to Tad Lo

Wind in hair, a straight – and surprisingly well-maintained – road as long as the eye can see, landscapes, houses, kids flying by, I push the bike slightly faster and wonder how  I could ever wish to sit on the back rather than ride the bike myself. We’re on our way to Tad Lo from Pakse – […]


The motorcycle clowns of Tad Lo

We hijack one of the elephants just as it is about to leave it’s fencing area and get washed in the river nearby, stealthily all my wonderful biker clowns sneaks up and pose in front of it, and it’s a perfect finish of our clown shoot in Tad Lo that I for a while thought […]


Don’t forget to bring some gasoline

It’s our second day on a motorbike around Pai – a few hours north of Chiang Mai – Renate in front and me taking in the scenery on the back, trying not to think too much about the fact that I have absolutely no control over the bike and that makes it feel like we’re […]