Easter processions of Popayán

We are standing in the crowd outside the church, almost at the front waiting for the procession to start, when a middle-aged man comes up to us. “Would you like to help us out a bit” he asks the two Danish guys I’m hanging out with. Not really sure what to expect the guys agrees, […]


The lost city of Colombia

The river is floating lazily by, crystal clear water over small rounded rocks, huge boulders sprouting out along the riverbed, trees leaning in, wanting to soak up the water with their green vines. The sound of the river is a constant around me, calling me to jump in, and I do, with all my clothes, […]


(Mostly yellow) snaps from Cartagena

The old town of Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is bursting with colors, especially warm colors, yellow, orange, red (or maybe that’s just the colors that I got hung up on for some reason).



Temples, pagodas, as far as the eyes can see. Thousands of them. Everywhere. In all directions, in all sizes. From the tiniest, tiny ones, the size of little one-room houses, to huge, towering ones. White stones, grey stones brown stones.Some you can enter, on some you can walk up to the roof through narrow, dark, […]


Biking around Angkor

I’m in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on a rented rickety bike without any gears – but with an awesome front basket – on my way to see the incredible temples of the Angkor area, doing the big loop. Of course I took a wrong turn somewhere – having to try to find a one-way road leading […]


S-21 and the Killing Fields of Phnom Penh

Once there used to be laughter and gossiping in these corridors, then there were screams of agony and pain – now there’s silence, only broken by soft footsteps and whispers of the people coming to learn about the cruel ways of the Khmer Rouge regime. Haunting pictures of the people – men, women,even kids – […]


The clown of jars

The closest jar site is located about 3km out of town my Rough Guide nicely put it. I’ve been walking for about 40 minutes and I’m not sure if I’ve even out of the city yet – it seemed like such a small place, but appearances lie, obviously. The sun is getting warmer as well, […]


Luang Prabang

We wake up way past sunrise, again. My little plan of getting up to see the monk’s alms procession continue to fail. Generally we don’t do much in Luang Prabang. The infamous sightseeing fatigue has got us long ago, just another temple, another city, another street. The cameras stay in the room most of the time, so […]


Temples of Chiang Mai

Snaps from various temples in Chiang Mai