The lost city of Colombia

The river is floating lazily by, crystal clear water over small rounded rocks, huge boulders sprouting out along the riverbed, trees leaning in, wanting to soak up the water with their green vines. The sound of the river is a constant around me, calling me to jump in, and I do, with all my clothes, […]


The road to Cochamó valley

The road to Cochamo Valley, Chile

Some places the road is almost like a corridor. Steep walls – partly covered in bright green moss – rise on both sides of the narrow path. It has been used to transport cattle and smuggle goods between Argentina and Chile – hoofs digging the path deeper and deeper into the soft ground – for […]


Where the wild things are

A fairytale forest with moss-covered trees, stretching and growing into each other, creating openings that looks like portals leading into other worlds and dimensions. A place were your fantasy easily can run wild and every other tree stump looks like an ent or a troll. Yes, even in overcrowded and overdeveloped Cameron Highland, it’s possible […]