Touring the vineyards of Mendoza by bike

Wine tasting in Mendoza

I swirl my glass around, letting the Malbec wine twist and turn and supposedly release more of its natural aromas, while the lady in charge of the wine tasting explains about the wine, grapes and the aging process in a barrel. I feel slightly out of place, standing there with a glass of twisting red […]


Snaps from the food markets of Santiago and Valparaiso

Fish market, central mercado, Santiago, Chile

I haven’t had use for them in ages, luckily, but my dodging-annoyingly-pushy-sellers skills have to be employed as soon as I enter Mercado Central in Santiago Chile. “Linda, ¿de dónde eres? would you like some lunch? We have the best fish at the market” “We are the only restaurant with toilets inside” “Good prices, good […]


Eating lamb – Patagonian style

The lamb has been grilling for many, many hours, cooking slowly over the open fire in the backyard of my hostel in Puerto Natales. Omar, the eccentric hostel owner cuts off a piece and hands it over to one of the American girls that have just entered into the chilly evening. The summer days are […]


The consequences of ice cream – or how I almost missed my plane to the Philippines

Do you like ice cream? Sure you do! Well I do at least. I absolutely love it. All kinds of ice cream, almost, but especially Italian, gelato. Soft and creamy – without being on the rim of melting. Give me two scoops, one with dark, heavy and bold chocolate, rich and flavorful, the other a light […]


There are no food pictures here

”Why don’t you take pictures of your food?” he (I don’t remember his name, so let’s just call him John) asks me as he happily snaps some pictures of his dish with his Nikon camera. I shrug my shoulders as I devour my plate of delicious dry curried noodles, camera safely stored in my bag […]