The easter clowns of Ellingssetra

For the Easter holiday I went to my dad’s farm on the west coast of Norway to relax. My three youngest siblings live there and my oldest little brother and older brother came as well. Which meant that for the first time in at least a year and a half, all six of us siblings […]


The freezing clowns of the Lofoten Islands

My mother, brother, his girlfriend and I went north to visit family in Harstad. It being Elisabeth’s first time up north, we decided to do a day trip to the gorgeous Lofoten islands (where I haven’t been in at least ten years I think, and never before during winter, I hope I don’t wait ten […]


The lost clown of Berlin

I went on a little weekend-trip to Berlin, indulging in everything Latin-American even though I was in Germany (did I mention that I miss Colombia?), and of course I had to do a clown shoot as well. This is Moyra, a wonderful Peruvian girl I got to know when she stayed at our house in […]


The clowns of Teusaquillo

clowns of Teusaquillo

I love how life is made up of all these tiny little coincidences that might take you in one direction or the other, meeting the right people at the right time in the right circumstances. During my 10 months living in Bogota (8 if you subtract my summer holiday…) I have been living in three […]


The clown of Valle de Cocora

Clown of Valle de Cocora

I first met Corinna almost 4 years ago, in the little town of Pai in northern Thailand. We were a little crew of people that kept on traveling together, splitting up and meeting up again for a couple of weeks. From Pai through Laos. It pretty much culminated with a little motorbike trip from Pakse […]


The clown of Palenque

Clown of Palenque

It’s difficult standing in a place like the Maya ruins of Palenque, in the Chiapas-region south in Mexico, and trying to visualize how it all was and how it all looked like, bustling with life, houses and people, over a thousand years ago. Now the jungle has swallowed it all up, almost, and just some […]


The clowns of Lake Atitlan


The clowns of the Tatacoa desert

Whenever I see pictures of really interesting or stunningly beautiful places, the first thought that usually pops up in my head isn’t that I want to visit the place to soak up the peace and quiet. To listen to the birds, take beautiful panoramas, go hiking, swimming, exploring, whatever the place calls for. No, it […]


The clown of Plaza de Bolívar

I’m slowly getting used to Bogotá, my apartment, the weather, the Transmilenio (which I try to stay away from as much as possible, especially during peak hours. Colombians are really, really nice people, just not while trying to get on or off the Transmilenio…), the university and to speaking Spanish (almost) all the time. I’ve […]


The clown of Ingierstrand

I haven’t taken any clown pictures in ages. More than a year has passed since I last took out my make-up kit and painted red, fake smiles on someone’s face, turning them into solemn clowns. Then I was in the metro of the busy, bustling city of Buenos Aires, but these clown pictures aren’t from […]