Snaps from a dream, lagunas near San Pedro de Atacama

Laguna Ceja, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

I almost didn’t bring my camera.  I thought I was just going to float around in Laguna Cejar (the beauty of the tour totally took me by surprise) – chill and float – and I didn’t want to risk getting my camera stolen, or broken, while paddling around in cold, salty water. As soon as […]


The time I missed out on a demonstration gone wild in Valparaiso

Demonstrations in Valparaiso, Chile

“I got caught up in this crazy demonstration in Valparaiso yesterday!” the British guy in front of me says as he fishes out his iPhone and starts showing me pictures of carpets of tear gas, people running with scarfs covering their faces, water cannons and heavily geared riot police detaining demonstrators. “In Valparaiso, yesterday?!” I […]


Walls of Barrio Brasil, street art in Santiago

Street art of Barrio Brasil, Santiago

“If you want to be an artist, marry a an art curator” it’s scribbled on a building a couple of blocks away from the hostel I’m stying in in Santiago. So that’s the secret, good to know! I keep wandering around in the neighborhood, taking random streets, getting lost on purpose (without actually getting lost, […]


Snaps from the food markets of Santiago and Valparaiso

Fish market, central mercado, Santiago, Chile

I haven’t had use for them in ages, luckily, but my dodging-annoyingly-pushy-sellers skills have to be employed as soon as I enter Mercado Central in Santiago Chile. “Linda, ¿de dónde eres? would you like some lunch? We have the best fish at the market” “We are the only restaurant with toilets inside” “Good prices, good […]


The top of Arcoiris – or the time I fell in love with Chile

It was all coincidences that had lead me to Cochamó, that had made me venture through the ancient moss clad forest on a century old horse trail all by myself, and that had taken me here, to the top of Arcoiris, where I now could see the Osorno volcano – yet again – in the […]


More snaps from Chiloé

Chiloé, Chile

I had been eyeing the cars on the ferry for a little while, trying to figure out if I should ask anyone for a ride, when the window of the car closest to me, a big and new-looking car, opens and a woman leans over from the passenger seat. I had already dismissed that car […]


Climbing Villarica – one of Chile’s most active volcanoes

Climbing the Villarica Volcano, Chile

The sun is rising just as the minibus halts at the ski center, painting the sky in various tones of pink and orange. We’re about 1800 meters above sea level and already the views are quite breathtaking, but we have about a thousand meters to ascend by foot to reach the crater and the summit. […]


Textures of Cochamó valley

Textures of Cochamó valley, Chile, Åsta Skjervøy

From mud, to ancient moss clad forests and granite mountain domes. Here’s an abstract look at the beautiful Cochamó valley.


The road to Cochamó valley

The road to Cochamo Valley, Chile

Some places the road is almost like a corridor. Steep walls – partly covered in bright green moss – rise on both sides of the narrow path. It has been used to transport cattle and smuggle goods between Argentina and Chile – hoofs digging the path deeper and deeper into the soft ground – for […]


Blue snaps from Chiloé