Bike snaps from Amsterdam

Earlier this autumn I went to Amsterdam to visit a dutch travel friend I met in Chile. I must admit, I wasn’t too trigger happy during the stay – though I found Amsterdam to be a beautiful city, and I absolutely loved the place (I’ll add it to the list of cities I’d like to […]


Touring the vineyards of Mendoza by bike

Wine tasting in Mendoza

I swirl my glass around, letting the Malbec wine twist and turn and supposedly release more of its natural aromas, while the lady in charge of the wine tasting explains about the wine, grapes and the aging process in a barrel. I feel slightly out of place, standing there with a glass of twisting red […]


Biking around Angkor

I’m in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on a rented rickety bike without any gears – but with an awesome front basket – on my way to see the incredible temples of the Angkor area, doing the big loop. Of course I took a wrong turn somewhere – having to try to find a one-way road leading […]