Khao San in the rain

It’s my second time in Bangkok, and somehow I get washed up on chaotic Khao San road again. All, all alone for the first time in weeks, months if you forget about my little clown adventure up to Phonsavan in Laos, and I feel uttermost alone. Then the sky opens up and release it’s huge amounts […]


Busy Bangkok

I had my first encounter with South-East Asia in Ho Chi Minh when I was 17. I remember the chaos of scooters and motorbikes, everyone going intertwined in different directions, seemingly without any rules. Crossing the street seemed impossible, and the first time we had to do it (right out of the taxi from the […]


Sleeping at airports

The first time I slept at an airport I was around 12. We – my mother, my two oldest brothers and I – had been island hopping in Greece for a few weeks and our plane from Athens was leaving in the morning on our last day. Instead of using money on accommodation in the […]