The underground clowns of Buenos Aires

I really, really, really wanted to go to Epecuen, a ghost town some five-six hours south of Buenos Aires . The once thriving tourist town – that has been covered in water for about thirty years, before the water declined and the place remergeed as a salt covered ruin a couple of years ago – […]


Colors of Purmamarca


Snaps from Cafayate

Cafayate, Argentina

My Tucumani friends had told me that one to two days would be enough time to stay in Cafayate, but when I got there I couldn’t leave quite so quickly. There was the beautiful Quebrada de Cafayate, and a a narrow cacti spotted canyon with lots of small waterfalls. In the city you could taste […]


La quebrada de Cafayate

Quebrada de Cafayate, Argentina

It’s not very deep – most places the water barely covers my feet, at the deepest it doesn’t even reach my knees – but we can still feel the latent forces of the wide river as we cross it. No wonder the rivers here can destroy roads during rainy season, no wonder there’s a sign […]


The clowns of Tafi de Valle

The clown of Tafi de Valle

Last year, when i was travelling in Laos, I met Caro and Sole, two wonderful Argentinian girls also exploring the world. When my travels brought me to their home town of Tucuman in northern Argentina I had to visit them. We went to Tafi de Valle together with some more of their friends and how […]


Touring the vineyards of Mendoza by bike

Wine tasting in Mendoza

I swirl my glass around, letting the Malbec wine twist and turn and supposedly release more of its natural aromas, while the lady in charge of the wine tasting explains about the wine, grapes and the aging process in a barrel. I feel slightly out of place, standing there with a glass of twisting red […]


The thirst-drenched clown of Ischigualasto


Reaching the top of Cerro Lopez: The time I learned to always follow the red arrows

Cerro Lopez, Bariloche

When I caught a glimpse of the red and white arrow painted on to the rocks in front of me I felt a wave of relief, finally back on track. At first I thought it pointed towards the top, Cerro Lopez here we come, but then I noticed the white text below it: “R. Lopez” […]


Snaps from around Villa la Angostura

“It used to be all green here” one of the Argentinian guys said. I was hitchhiking with Antonella to Villa la Angostura and as soon we had checked in to our hostel we were invited on a little trek in the surrounding areas by some of the other guests there. After going a bit of up, […]


“It never rains in Puerto Madryn”

“It never rains in Puerto Madryn”, that’s what they told me. The winds may be blaring, but the sky will rarely open up to deliver its drops of water. “In Buenos Aires they can get as much rain in one day as we get in a whole year”, they said. And then the sky opened, […]