Learning to kitesurf in Lago Calima

People kitesurfing in Lago Calima

I try to place my feet in the straps of the board without looking, keeping the eyes on the kite – working hard at keeping it steady at 12 o’clock, right above me –controlling with one hand while the other flips the board ever so slightly in the water to make it easier to guide […]


Climbing Villarica – one of Chile’s most active volcanoes

Climbing the Villarica Volcano, Chile

The sun is rising just as the minibus halts at the ski center, painting the sky in various tones of pink and orange. We’re about 1800 meters above sea level and already the views are quite breathtaking, but we have about a thousand meters to ascend by foot to reach the crater and the summit. […]


Diving with the puppies of the sea

“Are you guys going diving as well?” I asked the couple in the Scuba Duba diving shop in Puerto Madryn as we were given our wetsuits. I had seen them filling out the same form as me when they got in and figured they wouldn’t need to do that if they were just going snorkeling. […]


How to screw up your ears while diving

A part of me knew that I probably shouldn’t have been diving that day, but it was just a tiny cold, barely a cold, my nose was just running slightly. I blamed it on the rain the other day. I’d gone out diving (after my diving course I just couldn’t stop), with Sammy as my […]


The time I fell in love with diving

I’ve always loved being under water, swimming around, being completely engulfed by it. The first time we went to Greece when I was a kid, I spent most of the summer swimming around the ocean floor, practicing holding my breath and do the mermaid swim, it wasn’t really much to see there under water; mostly sand, […]


The early morning Jungle Flight

We’d somehow taken to the travel agency’s advice of doing the Chiang Mai jungle flight early in the morning, to avoid the terrible midday heat, and at precisely 6.30 the driver is waiting outside our guesthouse door to pick us up. Almost one bumpy hour later we arrive in a small village where our little zip-lining adventure will […]


Swimming with wild dolphins in Kaikoura

A lot of you probably have this image of hanging on to a fin through the water, getting kisses and loads of interactions while swimming with dolphins, but that’s in a pool with a tamed one. Swimming with wild dolphins is something completely different whatsoever and a truly amazing experience. Because it was my last […]


Three, two, one, Bungeeee…

I had a vision of myself jumping off the ledge, arms stretched out like I was about to fly, a graceful dive, without hesitation. But real life rarely is like you envision it, especially not when you are standing on a tiny platform, 43 meters above a beautifully green blue river, legs tightly tied together […]


Franz Josef glacier

From the distance it doesn’t look too impressive or interesting. Sure, it’s a glacier, but the dirty ice scattered up the mountain side doesn’t really look like something you’d want to spend hours, blood and sweat to explore. But as soon as we reach the ice, put on our crampons and carry on into the […]


Kayaking in Abel Tasman

Golden beaches, clear blue-greenish water, dolphins, seals and tropical forests; that’s what you’ll find in Abel Tasman National park – New Zealand’s smallest National Park – positioned on the north western part of the South Island.