Songkran on Koh Tao

Sick, how could I be sick? It was the 13th of April, Songkran, Thai New Year, I’d decided to overstay my Visa and stay an extra day in Koh Tao for this day, and I was sick. My body was aching like I had a fever, I was feeling limp and on top of that my ears were still blocked after the dive the day before. I’d felt a bit bad the night before, went to bed really early and hoped it would be all right in the morning, it wasn’t. I decided to go out and give it a go; I needed to get some water to drink at the very least.

People were waiting with their buckets and water guns, my plan of getting to 7/11 and back without getting wet were soon splattered. When heading back I met up with Sarah, a German girl I first met in Auckland and one of my first clowns, and some other people staying at the same place as us and doing their diving course with Roctopus. We had breakfast together, but soon my wet clothes had me freezing and I felt worse than ever. I figured the best thing would be to head back to bed.

I couldn’t really sleep, so I sat in my little room watching the most depressing movie ever, Grave of the Fireflies while I could hear music and cheering and people having fun outside, needless to say I felt very, very sorry for myself. When the movie ended I’d had enough. I popped a few painkillers, waited for them to work their magic and headed out. A massive water fight was probably not the best for my health, but I could be sick on the train, today I was going to have fun.

By now the water fight had taken on new proportions, big containers with water where people could fill up their weapons were placed everywhere, everyone was out and it didn’t take too long until I bumped into someone I knew. Trucks with people and water loaded on the back were driving around soaking everyone on in their path, people were pouring water from verandahs, it was pretty much water everywhere. The great thing about Songkran especially in a place filled with foreign travelers, like Koh Tao, is that everyone is in on it, everyone pours water on each other and everyone has fun together.


Camera breakdown

I was sure the painkillers was going to wear off after a while, but that moment never seemed to come, in the end I came to the conclusion that the alcohol was probably the reason I was still alive and kicking, or maybe just my camera took over my pain and sickness because suddenly it didn’t work anymore. My beloved, beautiful and amazingly small s100 wouldn’t take any more pictures, it just said “lens error” on the display whenever I tried to turn it on. I’d kept it in its waterproof case the whole day, so it definitely wasn’t any water damage.

I wouldn’t let it spoil my day though, and a part of me thought it was just a passing problem (it wasn’t, the camera is now back home in Norway, and sadly still broken) – little did I know then that it would result in me being even less inspired to take pictures for months to come, just when I’d started to use my cameras more often and take more candid pictures of people and places –now and then I would try to turn It on to see if it worked, until I just put it back in my room and decided to deal with the problem later.

The water fighting lasted until around 6pm, when it started to die down, but the night was still young, I was still feeling well and had a great last day on the island, before I next morning (feeling perfectly well, the water and alcohol probably cured me somehow) headed for new adventures in Malaysia.

(Theis is the last picture taken with my Canon s100, right before it stopped working).