Snaps from the roof of Singapore

“I didn’t know the skybridge was open for the public” the young American lady in the elevator tells me after she’s learned where I’m heading. “I’ve lived here for four months, but I haven’t been up there myself yet, I guess I have to check it one day” The lift takes us rapidly up the numerous floors in the huge apartment complex near Outram Park in Singapore. After some thirty floors the American lady leaves me and I ride the last twenty by myself. As I walk through the corridor, trying to find the turnstile that will lead me out the skybridge I almost feel like a trespasser. This is no well-visited tourist attraction. People live behind all the doors in this corridor, and all the other corridors of this fifty storey building.

I stumbled upon some info on the Pinnacle@Duxton-complex while researching various rooftop bars and viewpoints in Singapore. I really wanted to get high up, see the city from above, and I wanted it to be the right place – and preferably cheap. When I learned about the Pinnacle skybridge, and the fact that there would be no dress code, no need to buy expensive drinks, plenty of tumble place, great views, and best of all – it would only cost me 5 dollars – I knew it was the place.


When I walk through the turnstile, and onto the skybridge, the first thing that hits me is the size: it’s huge, the bridge connects all the seven blocks the complex is made out of. I got a feeling of the complex’s size while trying to find the right block where the little self-service machine to buy my entrance was located, but walking around it high up in the air is something completely different. The view is amazing.

A young couple takes pictures together – a well-lit cityscape in the background. Two little girls practice some dance moves while a boom blaster blares out pop songs. Three old ladies are having a chat on a bench. Singles and couples and friends are taking an early evening stroll. There are tons of ornaments and plants and trees; the bridge is like a beautiful little park.  asta_skjervoy-singapore-pinnacle_duxton-04

I set up my little gorillapod, fix it’s leg around the fence and start snapping. The city is so busy, car lights going in all directions, lights from buildings swiping around, but up here it’s so nice and quiet. The place is perfect.