Snaps from Cameron Highlands

Welcome to Cameron Highlands, to rolling hills covered with green tea plants as far as the eyes can see. Fresh air, cool refreshing temperatures (almost cold, now why did I send my thin fleece jacket back home to Norway again?), fog and rain (maybe, if you are lucky, the sun will shine upon you). Small towns scattered with ugly high rise apartment blocks and hotels, small restaurants with delicious Indian food and Chinese ones with hot pots. Old English colonial buildings (would you like a scone perhaps?), sweet strawberry freezies sold at the roadside and fresh local strawberries at the market (at almost the same price as in Norway. With average income in Norway being way higher than in Malaysia, can someone please explain to me why we Norwegians complain about the strawberry prices every damn summer?)

Yes, welcome to Cameron Highlands, the Malaysians get-away from the heat and chaos of the lowlands and cities. Here you can choose between wide arrays of tours, all including a visit to the butterfly farm – at extra cost of course, or maybe you would like to purchase a strawberry umbrella? Unregulated urban development – eating at the forests, making space for ridiculously huge and ugly resorts and condos – have made the small towns into ugly eyesores. It’s the Disneyland of tea plantations, the Mallorca of hill stations.

And yet still, I can’t other than love the place. The tea covered hills are beautiful; no wonder they are a popular spot for young couples to have their wedding pictures taken. And while everyone gathers at the viewpoint café at Boh’s plantation, or walk in flocks at the wooden walkway in the mossy forest, you’ll have the various not-too-well-kept trekking paths through thick forests all to yourself.



  • amine-sehibi

    Hey Asta, sorry for taking your photo while linking it to another page. but the good news is I just corrected the mistake ;p ….How is Colombia?