Snaps from a plane ride: Buenos Aires – Ushuaia

It’s less than 24 hours since I arrived in Argentina when I board the plane that will take me all the way down from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. El fin del Mundo, the end of the world, the southernmost city on the planet (depending on what you define as a city, Chile has a tiny little settlement further south, across the beagle channel, called Puerto Williams), and it’s where most cruises to Antartica leaves from – now if only I had the money to go there.

I finally have my window seat, but most of the trip I can’t even manage to force my eyes open to look out, I’m dead tired, not that there is much to see anyways, only clouds, clouds, clouds. But then, right before we are to land in Uhsuaia we get below the clouds and snowcapped mountain after snowcapped mountain reaveal themselves. It’s beautiful. I love mountains, it feels like home!