Snaps from a beach – Chilling out in Puerto Madryn

I had two goals, and two goals only for Puerto Madryn. First; get rid of my cold, second; go diving (I didn’t want a repeat of the blocked ears I got last year when I scuba-dived with a slight cold in Thailand). Puerto Madryn turned out to be the perfect spot for just that – chilling out doing nothing that is (except for eating ice cream, laying on the beach or in the hostel’s hammock reading a book). The weather wasn’t too bad either.


asta_skjervoy-argentina-puerto_madryn-beach-03 asta_skjervoy-argentina-puerto_madryn-beach-02 asta_skjervoy-argentina-puerto_madryn-beach-01

  • :)

    What is the name of the beach at the top?

    • aasta

      I have absolutely no idea. All the pictures are taken from somewhere on the main beach-strip of Puerto Madryn in Argentina.