The medina of Marrakech

“Straight or right?”, we are wandering aimlessy around in the souks  of the old town of Marrakech;  a giant labyrinth of narrow streets with shops selling you everything from spices, herbs, make-up and leather bags to live hens and the sweetest of sweets. The streets twist and turn and split and there’s no point even trying to keep track of what direction you are going because at some point you’ll end up getting lost anyway. As the receptionist at our hostel said to a guy who had wandered around lost for two hours when he asked for a map: “With a map you’d be lost for four”.

Walking around at random, getting lost, is part of the charm of the old town, the medina of Marrakech. Thinking you know where you are when you don’t, and then to suddenly stop at a small square thinking “I’ve been here before” when you thought you were more lost than ever. Walking in circles (how fun it would have been with a GPS tracking our wanderings), and then when you finally give up, realizing you can’t find your way back to the hostel or whatever place you were looking for on your own, you start to search for the big square, Jemaa-el-Fna the one and only place you can orient yourself from. Luckily there are signs here and there pointing you in the right direction, and if all is lost, there’s always a young boy lurking around willing to take you there for a few dirhams.

Our walk from Jemaa-el-Fna to our hostel in Marrakech, hidden far into some backstreets. The backstreets look way more sketchy in this video than how I felt they were, we never felt unsafe walking there (had it been in Buenos Aires on the other hand I would have been a bit scared…!)

The pictures in this post are a mix of new from my recent trip, and some old from when I went on a trip to Morocco with my photography class.

One of the entrances leading into the old town of Marrakech.

In the evening tents with small eateries start to pop up at Jemaa-el-Fna, and the square that is almost empty during the day is seething with life.






asta_skjervoy-morocco-marrakech-22   asta_skjervoy-morocco-marrakech-17   asta_skjervoy-morocco-marrakech-18

The meat market.











The view from the roof terrace at our hostel at night.