Kayaking in Abel Tasman

Golden beaches, clear blue-greenish water, dolphins, seals and tropical forests; that’s what you’ll find in Abel Tasman National park – New Zealand’s smallest National Park – positioned on the north western part of the South Island.


I go on a combined walking and kayak tour with a German girl I met in Nelson. We take a water taxi – dolphins joining us for part of the journey, playing in the waves created by the boat – to Torrent Bay, one of the many beaches in the region. From there we walk a small portion of the coastal track – a 54km track winding along the coast of the park, passing beautiful beaches and going to through lush bush – to Watering Cove where we start our kayaking trip.

We paddle along the shore for a bit, and then over to Adele Island, where we spot not only one, but at least three or four baby seals on the rocks, moving clumsily around (one falling of the rocks and into the water, another one not daring to follow its mothers jump down from one rock to another).

The trip end in Marahua, and we head back to Nelson, ready for new adventures.