Franz Josef glacier

From the distance it doesn’t look too impressive or interesting. Sure, it’s a glacier, but the dirty ice scattered up the mountain side doesn’t really look like something you’d want to spend hours, blood and sweat to explore. But as soon as we reach the ice, put on our crampons and carry on into the ice realm of Franz Josef it’s like we enter a completely different world. Even the gray ice – that looks more like granite or some other kind of stone than ice – is interesting close up.


Dressed in matching blue rain jackets and black trousers we set off into the light rain that will keep us company for the best part of our journey. We walk on top of the ice, we climb up and down ice stairs, venture into so narrow ice canyons that you can’t even put one foot in front of the other, and we go through small tunnels, so blue it’s hard to fathom, and pass by holes and crevices you really wouldn’t want to fall into.


       asta-skjervoy_franz-josef_05   asta-skjervoy_franz-josef_14

We see every kind of ice there is, from dark grey, to white to pure blue, and even though it’s raining, we don’t really notice, because it’s all so beautiful in this ever-changing world of winter.