Eating lamb – Patagonian style

The lamb has been grilling for many, many hours, cooking slowly over the open fire in the backyard of my hostel in Puerto Natales. Omar, the eccentric hostel owner cuts off a piece and hands it over to one of the American girls that have just entered into the chilly evening. The summer days are long down here in the south of Patagonia but the darkness have already crept down on us, only the fire lights up our expectant faces.

She shakes her head, her face distorted into a disgusted expression, as if the little piece of delicious meat she is handed is the most distasteful thing in the world. One of the other girls grabs the piece reluctantly. “It’s got so much fat” I hear one of them whisper as I devour my own piece, eating with my bare hands. No plate, no side dish, no stuffing or sauce, just pure wonderful lamb meat. My hands are getting greasy, but I don’t care, because it’s oh so good. The meat so juicy, so tasteful. A perfect meal before the hike in Torres del Paine.

Welcome to Patagonia!