Clowns of Auckland

It was my second or third day in Auckland and I had just met Sarah (the same Sarah from Germany I ended up travelling with for a short while)  when I told her, and the others at the dinner table (all of us probably eating some kind of cheap pasta) about my little clown project (you can check out more pictures from the project here). “Can I be a clown?”, she asked. We agreed on a day to do it and I was thrilled and really looking forward to the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, I started to talk a little bit more with Amy, an amazing Malaysian girl, and one of the long time stayers at the hostel (there are tons of people in New Zeland on a working holiday visa). I tried to lure here to join as well, as I love shoots with more people in them- it’s harder as you have to make everyone do the right thing at the right time, but it can be so much fun – she said maybe, but as soon as we started with the clown make-up she was all in, and one of my roomies, adorable Luisa joined as well.

Raphael (from Switzerland) had been travelling for months, and was in Auckland to try to sell his car before he would have to go home. It didn’t go to well the first few days I stayed there, so he said he would join if he sold his car, chance have it that he actually managed to sell his car that day, a promise is a promise, so he was in as well.

We were a great bunch of people hanging together at the hostel, and everyone where hanging around when I did the clown make-up, and in the end I (with great help from the already painted clowns) everyone in the group – except from Lugio – had agreed on being a clown (Jonas, also from Switzerland said he could be a clown if he got a tear on his cheek, so he got one, and Volkan, from Turkey, finally gave in from peer pressure). I was surprised to find out how easy it was to find willing models.

There was a great park just behind our hostel with amazing trees, so we hang around there for an hour and two, getting tons of bites from sandflies, but having so much fun.


  • Anne Marie Losnegård

    I am amazed Åsta! Fantastic too see your clown project just grow and grow like that –  from the other side of the world 🙂
    I guess you all had a lot of fun as well :-.)