Walking the W in Torres del Paine pt.1 – The tail

The yellow grass rustles in the wind. It moves around with waving motions – first one direction, then the other. It lets itself being swept around without putting up any resistance. The strong sun is shining down on us from a blue, cloud-dotted, sky. The mighty mountains of the Cordillera del Paine shoot up in […]

Eating lamb – Patagonian style

The lamb has been grilling for many, many hours, cooking slowly over the open fire in the backyard of my hostel in Puerto Natales. Omar, the eccentric hostel owner cuts off a piece and hands it over to one of the American girls that have just entered into the chilly evening. The summer days are […]

Snaps from Puerto Natales

Small quaint houses painted in all the colors of the rainbow, packs of street dogs roaming the streets. Puerto Natales used to be a quiet little Patagonian city, and if it hadn’t been for the spectacular Torres del Paine national park just nearby, it probably would have remained so. It’s still quite quiet, it’s still […]