How to screw up your ears while diving

A part of me knew that I probably shouldn’t have been diving that day, but it was just a tiny cold, barely a cold, my nose was just running slightly. I blamed it on the rain the other day. I’d gone out diving (after my diving course I just couldn’t stop), with Sammy as my […]

The time I fell in love with diving

I’ve always loved being under water, swimming around, being completely engulfed by it. The first time we went to Greece when I was a kid, I spent most of the summer swimming around the ocean floor, practicing holding my breath and do the mermaid swim, it wasn’t really much to see there under water; mostly sand, […]

The journey to Koh Tao

I feel like we’re a gang of livestock getting ready to be sent off to slaughter there we huddle together on the little traffic island – nested between two three-lane roads – just at the end of Soi Ram Buttri, the parallel street to Khao San Road, in Bangkok. There have to be at least […]

Khao San in the rain

It’s my second time in Bangkok, and somehow I get washed up on chaotic Khao San road again. All, all alone for the first time in weeks, months if you forget about my little clown adventure up to Phonsavan in Laos, and I feel uttermost alone. Then the sky opens up and release it’s huge amounts […]

Biking around Angkor

I’m in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on a rented rickety bike without any gears – but with an awesome front basket – on my way to see the incredible temples of the Angkor area, doing the big loop. Of course I took a wrong turn somewhere – having to try to find a one-way road leading […]

S-21 and the Killing Fields of Phnom Penh

Once there used to be laughter and gossiping in these corridors, then there were screams of agony and pain – now there’s silence, only broken by soft footsteps and whispers of the people coming to learn about the cruel ways of the Khmer Rouge regime. Haunting pictures of the people – men, women,even kids – […]

Easy rider – heading to Tad Lo

Wind in hair, a straight – and surprisingly well-maintained – road as long as the eye can see, landscapes, houses, kids flying by, I push the bike slightly faster and wonder how  I could ever wish to sit on the back rather than ride the bike myself. We’re on our way to Tad Lo from Pakse – […]

Snaps from a bus ride

Snaps from various bus rides in Laos and Cambodia.

Si Phan Dhon – Four Thousand Islands

The hammock is rocking slowly back and forth, causing a slight soothing wind, caressing my skin. There’s an opened book on my lap, laying upside down, rising and falling to the slow rhythm of my breathing, longing for some attention it won’t get, not yet. Somewhere in the background there’s a speaker on, playing chilled […]

Party for the buffaloes

“Have you seen the buffalo?” a local guy asks us a short time after we’ve arrived at the buffalo slaughter party in a village near Tad Lo in Laos. We got stuck waiting forever for our food at mama’s place back in Tad Lo and just missed out on the traditional dancing ceremony with beating […]