Alone and lost in windy Wellington

The wind is howling through the streets of Wellington when I arrive in the evening, all by myself. I left Sarah and Andy a few hours earlier in National Park Village, they going to Taupo, me heading towards the south Island for the few remainder weeks of my trip. I walk the short distance to […]

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Almost nine and a half hours -that’s how long it took us to do the 19km long Tongariro Alpine Crossing – with a sidetrack up to the mighty 2291m high volcano Mount Nguaruhoe (or Mount Doom as it was called in Lord of the Rings). We arrive at the car park a bare ten minutes […]

Beautifully toxic Wai-o-Tapu

Snaps from the colorful and bubbly Wai-o-Tapu near Rotorua, New Zealand.

How not to catch a ride

Nancy laughs when we tell her about our unsuccessful attempt of catching a free ride to the thermal pools at Wai-o-Tapu (where the smell of rotten eggs are even more overpowering than in the city center) a 20 minute drive from Rotorua. She has just picked us up at our hostel with the shuttle-van “Pretty”, […]

The Waitomo Caves

The limestone walls tighten around me, as I slowly rappel down into the Ruakuri cave in Waitomo. If my hands were free and not busily occupied contradicting each other (one hand loosening up so I can go faster, while the other one tightening behind my back so I brake harder) I could easily have touched […]

Our friends the ostriches

Before I went to Ahipara to surf I met Sarah from Germany and Jonas from Switzerland, they were going north as well, and we decided that when we came back to Auckland, we would travel together (Andy, also German, joined us as well). And so we did. We set of in Jonas’ awesome, newly bought, […]

Surfing in the Northland

I read a blog once about someone doing a surf camp in Australia and it made me want to do the same (just not in Australia). It seemed like fun, and I’ve “always” wanted to try surfing, so I booked a 5 day surf camp trip in the Northland of New Zealand, and four days […]

Snaps from Auckland

I’m not overly fond of Auckland. The city is mainly just one huge suburbia filled with small villas; some small, old volcanoes popping up here and there, and the Sky Tower (which I didn’t go up to, by the way). It is twice as big as London (square meter wise) and has about 10% of the population, […]

Thanks for the ride mister bus driver

I’ve just gotten off the Airport Express bus, going from Auckland airport to the city center, when I realize that I probably got off a little bit too early. The Sky Tower looms faintly over the city in the distant, far, far away – a little bit too far. Less than an hour on New […]