New Zealand

Sleeping at airports

The first time I slept at an airport I was around 12. We – my mother, my two oldest brothers and I – had been island hopping in Greece for a few weeks and our plane from Athens was leaving in the morning on our last day. Instead of using money on accommodation in the […]

Swimming with wild dolphins in Kaikoura

A lot of you probably have this image of hanging on to a fin through the water, getting kisses and loads of interactions while swimming with dolphins, but that’s in a pool with a tamed one. Swimming with wild dolphins is something completely different whatsoever and a truly amazing experience. Because it was my last […]


My first day in Christchurch I didn’t really see much of the damage that was done during the big earthquake last year. I saw a few church spires taken down from their churches, and some shaken buildings, but generally I was too busy printing out my plane tickets – since those already printed got soaking […]

Lake Tekapo

When you first catch a glimpse of the lake you think your eyes are playing a trick on you, but the lake really is that crazy blue, especially on a nice, clear and sunny day, like the one I was there.

Over the clouds in Mount Cook National Park

Before I came to New Zealand I had plans of doing at least one Great Walk during my stay, but because of lack of time and equipment (you need to bring all your equipment with you to the huts, even cooking utensils. I would have loved the simplicity of the Norwegian trekking huts where you […]

Three, two, one, Bungeeee…

I had a vision of myself jumping off the ledge, arms stretched out like I was about to fly, a graceful dive, without hesitation. But real life rarely is like you envision it, especially not when you are standing on a tiny platform, 43 meters above a beautifully green blue river, legs tightly tied together […]

Franz Josef glacier

From the distance it doesn’t look too impressive or interesting. Sure, it’s a glacier, but the dirty ice scattered up the mountain side doesn’t really look like something you’d want to spend hours, blood and sweat to explore. But as soon as we reach the ice, put on our crampons and carry on into the […]

Kayaking in Abel Tasman

Golden beaches, clear blue-greenish water, dolphins, seals and tropical forests; that’s what you’ll find in Abel Tasman National park – New Zealand’s smallest National Park – positioned on the north western part of the South Island.

Alone and lost in windy Wellington

The wind is howling through the streets of Wellington when I arrive in the evening, all by myself. I left Sarah and Andy a few hours earlier in National Park Village, they going to Taupo, me heading towards the south Island for the few remainder weeks of my trip. I walk the short distance to […]

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Almost nine and a half hours -that’s how long it took us to do the 19km long Tongariro Alpine Crossing – with a sidetrack up to the mighty 2291m high volcano Mount Nguaruhoe (or Mount Doom as it was called in Lord of the Rings). We arrive at the car park a bare ten minutes […]