The kindness of strangers – Or how I got off the Banana Pancake trail

Fuck! I knew I had overstayed my Thai Visa by one day. I knew it would cost me 500 baht. And still, there I was, at a border control office in Padang Besar with only 440 baht in my wallet and two border control guards looking disinterested at me and my not full enough purse. […]

Songkran on Koh Tao

Sick, how could I be sick? It was the 13th of April, Songkran, Thai New Year, I’d decided to overstay my Visa and stay an extra day in Koh Tao for this day, and I was sick. My body was aching like I had a fever, I was feeling limp and on top of that […]

How to screw up your ears while diving

A part of me knew that I probably shouldn’t have been diving that day, but it was just a tiny cold, barely a cold, my nose was just running slightly. I blamed it on the rain the other day. I’d gone out diving (after my diving course I just couldn’t stop), with Sammy as my […]

The time I fell in love with diving

I’ve always loved being under water, swimming around, being completely engulfed by it. The first time we went to Greece when I was a kid, I spent most of the summer swimming around the ocean floor, practicing holding my breath and do the mermaid swim, it wasn’t really much to see there under water; mostly sand, […]

The journey to Koh Tao

I feel like we’re a gang of livestock getting ready to be sent off to slaughter there we huddle together on the little traffic island – nested between two three-lane roads – just at the end of Soi Ram Buttri, the parallel street to Khao San Road, in Bangkok. There have to be at least […]

Khao San in the rain

It’s my second time in Bangkok, and somehow I get washed up on chaotic Khao San road again. All, all alone for the first time in weeks, months if you forget about my little clown adventure up to Phonsavan in Laos, and I feel uttermost alone. Then the sky opens up and release it’s huge amounts […]

Temples of Chiang Mai

Snaps from various temples in Chiang Mai

Don’t forget to bring some gasoline

It’s our second day on a motorbike around Pai – a few hours north of Chiang Mai – Renate in front and me taking in the scenery on the back, trying not to think too much about the fact that I have absolutely no control over the bike and that makes it feel like we’re […]

Trekking in Chiang Mai

I’m not quite sure what I expected, but it was definitely not this. We’re having jet another rest, a mere ten minutes easy (flat terrain on a well trodden path) walk after the last one, but still people are lagging far, far behind. It was supposed to be a trekking trip, don’t people know that […]

The early morning Jungle Flight

We’d somehow taken to the travel agency’s advice of doing the Chiang Mai jungle flight early in the morning, to avoid the terrible midday heat, and at precisely 6.30 the driver is waiting outside our guesthouse door to pick us up. Almost one bumpy hour later we arrive in a small village where our little zip-lining adventure will […]