Kids of Myanmar

As soon as I’ve taken a picture the little group of kids gather around me. I squat down, set my camera in preview mode, and they all come closer, leaning in to get a peek. I feel a little hand on my shoulder, then another. These kids are definitely not shy. They giggle and smile […]


Temples, pagodas, as far as the eyes can see. Thousands of them. Everywhere. In all directions, in all sizes. From the tiniest, tiny ones, the size of little one-room houses, to huge, towering ones. White stones, grey stones brown stones.Some you can enter, on some you can walk up to the roof through narrow, dark, […]

Snaps from the Shwedagon Pagoda

The little monks sit completely still. People walk past, move, but the little monks are like little red-clad statues, immovable. I take some pictures of them, long shutter, it’s starting to get dark. Other people looks like ghosts, blurry streaks of color, see-through, but the monks are sharp, and they look exactly the same in […]

First impressions from Yangon

Myanmar is like no other place I’ve ever been. I realize that as soon as we exit the doors at the small international airport in Yangon, into the hot, humid air that I’ve started to get used to after four months in South-East Asia. It’s intense, it’s bustling, it’s smiling, it’s different. Longyi-clad guys, young […]

The rice terraces of Batad and Banaue

The dog has already followed us for a long time when we reach the motorbike. Running ahead of us, chasing shadows, always on the move at a crazy pace, but still always within reach, and always coming back to us. I met him at the top of the hill, where the trail to the little […]

Snaps from the roof of Singapore

“I didn’t know the skybridge was open for the public” the young American lady in the elevator tells me after she’s learned where I’m heading. “I’ve lived here for four months, but I haven’t been up there myself yet, I guess I have to check it one day” The lift takes us rapidly up the […]

The consequences of ice cream – or how I almost missed my plane to the Philippines

Do you like ice cream? Sure you do! Well I do at least. I absolutely love it. All kinds of ice cream, almost, but especially Italian, gelato. Soft and creamy – without being on the rim of melting. Give me two scoops, one with dark, heavy and bold chocolate, rich and flavorful, the other a light […]

Snaps from Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur. I remember as a kid I heard the name and thought it sounded like a made up place, somewhere funny.  It could easily have been the faraway country the Oompa-Loompas in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” came from. But it’s not, it’s “just” another big metropolitan city, the capital of Malyasia, […]

Where the wild things are

A fairytale forest with moss-covered trees, stretching and growing into each other, creating openings that looks like portals leading into other worlds and dimensions. A place were your fantasy easily can run wild and every other tree stump looks like an ent or a troll. Yes, even in overcrowded and overdeveloped Cameron Highland, it’s possible […]

Snaps from Cameron Highlands

Welcome to Cameron Highlands, to rolling hills covered with green tea plants as far as the eyes can see. Fresh air, cool refreshing temperatures (almost cold, now why did I send my thin fleece jacket back home to Norway again?), fog and rain (maybe, if you are lucky, the sun will shine upon you). Small […]