The clown of Ingierstrand

I haven’t taken any clown pictures in ages. More than a year has passed since I last took out my make-up kit and painted red, fake smiles on someone’s face, turning them into solemn clowns. Then I was in the metro of the busy, bustling city of Buenos Aires, but these clown pictures aren’t from […]

The underground clowns of Buenos Aires

I really, really, really wanted to go to Epecuen, a ghost town some five-six hours south of Buenos Aires . The once thriving tourist town – that has been covered in water for about thirty years, before the water declined and the place remergeed as a salt covered ruin a couple of years ago – […]

The clowns of Salar de Uyuni

There were so many times on our drive from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, through Eduardo Avaroa National reserve, to the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia that I wished we had more time, that we could have stopped for longer so that I could paint up some faces and take some clown pictures. […]

The clown of Tafi de Valle

The clowns of Tafi de Valle

Last year, when i was travelling in Laos, I met Caro and Sole, two wonderful Argentinian girls also exploring the world. When my travels brought me to their home town of Tucuman in northern Argentina I had to visit them. We went to Tafi de Valle together with some more of their friends and how […]

The desolate clowns of Chaitén

We were going hiking, that was the plan. The National park near the town of Chaitén was supposed to be gorgeous. The hikes beautiful. There was only one problem; we couldn’t do any day hikes there as there was only one bus a day to the park. We could go there, but we wouldn’t be […]

The clown of the Perito Moreno glacier

I wait until there is no one else on the viewing deck – one placed at a dead end, and not one of the main ones, I think, hopefully not too many people will venture out here – before I start to put on my clown make-up. Two eastern European guys take forever, waiting for […]

The tandem bike clowns of Georgetown, Penang

What do you get when you take a Dutch guy with a tandem bike – on his way from Kuala Lumpur, all the way to Hong Kong – biking to collect money for charity; a  Swedish girl who´s pretty good at weaving strips of cloth into a wheel (a lot better than me at least, […]

The motorcycle clowns of Tad Lo

We hijack one of the elephants just as it is about to leave it’s fencing area and get washed in the river nearby, stealthily all my wonderful biker clowns sneaks up and pose in front of it, and it’s a perfect finish of our clown shoot in Tad Lo that I for a while thought […]

The clown of jars

The closest jar site is located about 3km out of town my Rough Guide nicely put it. I’ve been walking for about 40 minutes and I’m not sure if I’ve even out of the city yet – it seemed like such a small place, but appearances lie, obviously. The sun is getting warmer as well, […]