Temples, pagodas, as far as the eyes can see. Thousands of them. Everywhere. In all directions, in all sizes. From the tiniest, tiny ones, the size of little one-room houses, to huge, towering ones. White stones, grey stones brown stones.Some you can enter, on some you can walk up to the roof through narrow, dark, internal corridors and stairs, on others you can get to the top by climbing big steep steps on the outside – most you can’t.

We get around on gearless bikes, but unlike Angkor in Cambodia there’s no real loop to follow. There are temples everywhere. We bike on asphalted main roads, small sandy ones where the wheels of our bikes get stuck, almost throwing us off the bikes a few times. We get lost and find our way again. The vastness of it, the extreme number of the temples, is what’s most amazing, on the inside they are almost all the same, more or less.


There are few touts, only near the most visited temples, and most are polite, they take a no for a no. But Myanmar is booming with tourists, more and more are coming, there are rumors of parents starting to take their kids out of school so that they can sell souvenirs. But still Bagan is nice and quite tranquil, and hopefully it will take a long time before it turn out like the Angkor circus.


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