36 hours in Sydney

So what do you do when you have got just 36 hours in Sydney? I guess there are tons of what-to-do’s on the web and in travel magazines, but I ended up just walking around, taking pictures and talking to crazy people (okay the really old Italian guy with the umbrella (I had been talking with him for a short while – or rather he’d been hitting on me, using the oldest line in the book; that I should be a model – when I said I should be get going because of the rain he said he had an umbrella big enough for both of us) probably was just lonely. The Lebanese guy fishing near the harbor bridge seemed a bit more dubious though. After a short “interrogation” about what I really thought about Sydney, and what my mom would have thought if she had seen us talking together, he offered to drive me all around Sydney for just 100 dollars – I politely declined and were really glad that I had to meet up with my imaginary friend).