• asta_skjervoy-Popayan-Colombia-25

    Easter processions of Popayán

    We are standing in the crowd outside the church, almost at the front waiting for the procession to start, when a middle-aged man comes up to us. “Would you like to help us out a bit” he asks the two Danish guys I’m hanging out with. Not really sure what to expect the guys agrees, […]

  • Chingaza national park cundinamarca Colombia

    Chingaza National Park in the fog

    A few hours outside Bogotá is the Páramo, or moorlands of Chingaza. A wet national park high in the mountains (the highest peaks reach just over 4000 meters) and home to some 40 lakes. The fresh drinkable tap-water the rolos (people from Bogotá) are so proud of comes from here. We went to the part […]

  • 20150112-LostCity-panorama_web

    The lost city of Colombia

    The river is floating lazily by, crystal clear water over small rounded rocks, huge boulders sprouting out along the riverbed, trees leaning in, wanting to soak up the water with their green vines. The sound of the river is a constant around me, calling me to jump in, and I do, with all my clothes, […]

  • asta_skjervoy-clown-plaza_bolivar-02

    The clown of Plaza de Bolívar

    I’m slowly getting used to Bogotá, my apartment, the weather, the Transmilenio (which I try to stay away from as much as possible, especially during peak hours. Colombians are really, really nice people, just not while trying to get on or off the Transmilenio…), the university and to speaking Spanish (almost) all the time. I’ve […]

  • asta_skjervoy-colombia-cartagena-07

    (Mostly yellow) snaps from Cartagena

    The old town of Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is bursting with colors, especially warm colors, yellow, orange, red (or maybe that’s just the colors that I got hung up on for some reason).

  • asta_skjervoy-clown_blindern-01

    The clown of Blindern

    Before I left Norway for Colombia and my exchange here I had one last clown shoot, in the cellar of one of the libraries at the university of Oslo. The clown is the wonderful Lisa, one of my great climbing mates and a person I’m gonna miss a lot!

  • asta_skjervoy-morocco-marrakech-34

    More snaps from Marrakech: Moorish Architecture

    While my last post with pictures from Marrakesh was all about the chaos and colors of the medina, this one is all about the lines, the lights and shadows, and pictures framed in by doorways…

  • asta_skjervoy-amsterdam-04

    Bike snaps from Amsterdam

    Earlier this autumn I went to Amsterdam to visit a dutch travel friend I met in Chile. I must admit, I wasn’t too trigger happy during the stay – though I found Amsterdam to be a beautiful city, and I absolutely loved the place (I’ll add it to the list of cities I’d like to […]

  • 20140821_IMG_0917_web

    The clown of Ingierstrand

    I haven’t taken any clown pictures in ages. More than a year has passed since I last took out my make-up kit and painted red, fake smiles on someone’s face, turning them into solemn clowns. Then I was in the metro of the busy, bustling city of Buenos Aires, but these clown pictures aren’t from […]

  • asta_skjervoy-bolivia-huyana_potosi-01

    Huyana Potosí – The time I tried, and failed, to hike up to 6000 meters

    I lift my leg, move it forward and thrust it into the icy ground, letting the spiky crampon get a good grip on the hard snow. Then the other, lift, move forward, thrust. Repeat. Over and over again. I’m gripping the top of my ice ax tightly with my left hand, almost using it as […]


Everyone gets sick in Sucre

“Doctor” the two young female interns are saying flirtatiously while giggling and bashing their eyelashes at young Señor Doctor. “Doctooorrr did you take a look at my test?” “doctoooorrr are the blood test results ready yet” Doctooorrrr this and doctoooorrrr that! “Aaah, you are soo funny doctoooorrr”. In the background the TV is spewing out […]

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Snaps from Salar de Uyuni

After two wonderful days in Eduardo Avaroa National reserve, looking at colorful mountains and lakes, and spotting hundreds of flamingoes, we finally reached the highlight of our trip, the big wast salt flats of Uyuni, except it wasn’t the highlight I had expected. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been there once […]