• asta_skjervoy-Colombia-El_Valle-05

    Parque Utria and El Valle on the Pacific coast of Colombia

    After walking along the shallow river for almost an hour, wading through the clear water, with thick green foliage at each side, we reach the little waterfall. It isn’t especially big, and as waterfalls go, neither especially impressive. But the setting, with the lush rainforest surrounding us, the natural pool at its feet, feeding into […]

  • clowns of Teusaquillo

    The clowns of Teusaquillo

    I love how life is made up of all these tiny little coincidences that might take you in one direction or the other, meeting the right people at the right time in the right circumstances. During my 10 months living in Bogota (8 if you subtract my summer holiday…) I have been living in three […]

  • Clown of Valle de Cocora

    The clown of Valle de Cocora

    I first met Corinna almost 4 years ago, in the little town of Pai in northern Thailand. We were a little crew of people that kept on traveling together, splitting up and meeting up again for a couple of weeks. From Pai through Laos. It pretty much culminated with a little motorbike trip from Pakse […]

  • Clown of Palenque

    The clown of Palenque

    It’s difficult standing in a place like the Maya ruins of Palenque, in the Chiapas-region south in Mexico, and trying to visualize how it all was and how it all looked like, bustling with life, houses and people, over a thousand years ago. Now the jungle has swallowed it all up, almost, and just some […]

  • San Marcos de la laguna

    Lake Atitlan – The prettiest lake in the world?

    Lake Atitlan, the most stunningly beautiful lake in the world, well definitely among the prettiest lake I have seen in my life. And I’m not the only person to think so. Aldous Huxley (the writer of the amazing dystopia “A brave new world” – a book everyone should read – for those who don’t know […]

  • asta_skjervoy-Brazil-Benjamin_Constant-02

    Snaps from Benjamin Constant in the Brazilian Amazon

    We are walking around on the narrow wooden walkways (high water season), taking a left here, a right there (not much else to do in Benjamin Constant), hoping the planks will hold, getting further away from the main streets, when we finally reach a dead-end, and two little Brazilian boys. I ask them if I […]

  • asta_skjervoy-clowns_of_Atitlan-Guatemala-01
  • asta_skjervoy-clowns_of_Tatacoa-Colombia-02

    The clowns of the Tatacoa desert

    Whenever I see pictures of really interesting or stunningly beautiful places, the first thought that usually pops up in my head isn’t that I want to visit the place to soak up the peace and quiet. To listen to the birds, take beautiful panoramas, go hiking, swimming, exploring, whatever the place calls for. No, it […]

  • Panorama of the main church in Villa de Leyva

    Snaps from the charming colonial town of Villa de Leyva

    A bit north of Bogotá, in the state of Boyacá, lays the colonial, picture-perfect town of Villa de Leyva (even the clouds are picture-perfect). Just a short bus-ride from the capital, it is a popular weekend getaway for Bogotanians and other nearby living Colombians alike. People take a break from big city life and wind […]

  • People kitesurfing in Lago Calima

    Learning to kitesurf in Lago Calima

    I try to place my feet in the straps of the board without looking, keeping the eyes on the kite – working hard at keeping it steady at 12 o’clock, right above me –controlling with one hand while the other flips the board ever so slightly in the water to make it easier to guide […]


Everyone gets sick in Sucre

“Doctor” the two young female interns are saying flirtatiously while giggling and bashing their eyelashes at young Señor Doctor. “Doctooorrr did you take a look at my test?” “doctoooorrr are the blood test results ready yet” Doctooorrrr this and doctoooorrrr that! “Aaah, you are soo funny doctoooorrr”. In the background the TV is spewing out […]

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Snaps from Salar de Uyuni

After two wonderful days in Eduardo Avaroa National reserve, looking at colorful mountains and lakes, and spotting hundreds of flamingoes, we finally reached the highlight of our trip, the big wast salt flats of Uyuni, except it wasn’t the highlight I had expected. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been there once […]